The International Health & Safety Qualification Centre (IHSQC) is an educational startup that will be run through Estonia's E-Residency program. With a tentative launch date scheduled near the end of the year, IHSQC is set to take the health and safety training sector by storm.

Date: May 2018

Type: Logo Design

Location: Doha, Qatar

Reference: Coming soon

IHSQC Logo | A project by Arias & Thompson Digital

About the Project

Arias & Thompson partnered with IHSQC to design a logo for them in addition to providing some basic branding guidelines. These were not intended to be exhaustive but rather to put IHSQC along the right path during their startup phase.

To compete in the online education and training sector, a virtual identity has been constructed playing on old themes of design in academia including the traditional coat of arms or shield. The motif is common amongst both colleges and universities across the globe. For IHSQC, we modernized the design, bringing in a brighter, polychrome palette with hard edges softened by the accompanying typography.


Logo design is always difficult, even more so to get it right. For IHSQC, the main challenge we came across was handling the typography in the lock up due to the length of the name. We played with several variations including the use of the acronym, before finally settling on the final design.


Results for IHSQC

As IHSQC is still an early stage startup, the results are not yet clear. We are hoping to partner more with IHSQC and their staff to continue delivering digital and design support to them as they approach their expected launch date.

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