Relational Path Institute Website

The Relational Path Institute (RPI) is a young organization specializes in mindfulness-based practice and training of therapists and counsellors. Their director Dr. Monica Mansilla holds workshops and seminars in countries across the globe including Canada, Qatar, Spain, UAE and New Zealand.

Date: December 2016

Type: Web Design & Development

Location: Qatar, Canada, Spain, Portugal, UAE

Reference: Relational Path Institute Website

Relational Path Institute Website | A project by Arias & Thompson Digital
Relational Path Institute Website

Arias & Thompson were approached to redesign and develop the institutes central website and create a digital presence that would allow for growth. We worked with multiple representatives from the institute in several countries to bring the project to life. Using Drupal to handle the complex build, the result is a renewed and reinvigorated digital presence for RPI that they can use to grow for the foreseeable future.

After assessing the unique requirements for RPI and accounting for the possibility of further growth, a site map and plan was drawn out. This required various adjustments over the course of the project as the institute grew its presence in two countries during the development period!

Since we were handing over the management of the site to RPI we used as many native Drupal elements and modules as possible with little customization to help future proof the website. By taking this approach, RPI would have access not only to our documentation, but also to the larger Drupal communities if problems arose in the future.


As RPI is just beginning its life, it has not undergone a full branding exercise. The design created a pseudo branding guideline for other promotional materials. This is a work in progress for the institute and will come later on in their life cycle.

A limited budget for the startup institute meant that templating had to be kept to a minimum. Only three individual views were created for the site with the most flexibility possible. Complexity was added in developed content types and the use of custom fields in order to facilitate the event management portion of the website.

Relational Path Institute Website
Relational Path Institute Website


In the end we managed to launch the RPI website with great success. Since its launch in November of 2017 the site has served as the hub for RPI’s extensive social media efforts to drive traffic and attendance at its many workshops and seminars.

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