QSUP | Photography and Content Generation

In June of 2015 members of Arias & Thompson, Maria Paula Arias and Ian Philip Thompson, were invited to take a number of stock action photography of one of QSUP's morning stand up paddling sessions. At the time QSUP was still a stand alone brand and was trying to establish itself as the premier paddle boarding company in Doha, a feat it has since accomplished as part of the Blue Pearl Experience family. The shot list was geared towards demonstrating a blend of the beach life possible in Doha as well as the athletic focus that SUP could have for those looking for something more intense.

Date: June 2015

Type: Photography, Content Generation

Location: Doha, Qatar

Reference: Blue Pearl Experience Facebook Page

QSUP | Photography and Content Generation | A project by Arias & Thompson Digital

Both principles Ian Philip Thompson and Maria Paula Arias floated waist deep precariously to execute a preconceived shot list for QSUP and the Blue Pearl Experience. The images were edited and delivered over to QSUP for immediate use on their social media channels and other determined uses.

QSUP | Photography and Content Generation

QSUP was able to capitalize on this photo shoot by using their high resolution images as stock photos to rely on while developing their brand. Arias & Thompson has plans to repeat this shoot but that does mean we have to skip the session. It's hard to get good shots when you are one of the paddlers!

Another sample from the photoshoot on the beach of Qanat Quartier in Doha, Qatar.

QSUP | Photography and Content Generation
QSUP | Photography and Content Generation

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