Numu Consulting Website

We were approached in April, 2017 to start working with the leading startup financial consultancy, Numu Consulting. Based in Vernon, BC, Numu Consulting has a bright future ahead of them providing leading financial and business services in the Okanagan Valley of British Colombia.

Date: April 2017 - June 2017

Type: Web Development

Location: Vernon, Canada

Reference: Numu Consulting Website

Numu Consulting Website | A project by Arias & Thompson Digital

Digital Project Outcome for Numu Consulting

As Numu Consulting is still in the start up phase (not unlike us), this website provides them with the digital foundation to start providing leading financial and business consultancy services to other startups and established businesses.

Numu Consulting Website

Arias & Thompson took the vision of Numu Consulting, creatively cultivated in complex Microsoft Word and Excel files along with Illustrator files, and turned it into a mobile-friendly, user-engaging website that will help drive conversion and sales for the start up company based in Vernon, BC.

This development project represents only phase one of our project with Numu Consulting. The framework has been laid to further develop the site into an e-commerce platform to handle many of the financial services that Numu Consulting has to offer. In addition to the website, there are also a number of other projects including headshots, stock photography, SEO review and audit, and an overall digital strategy.

Numu Consulting Website
Numu Consulting Website

One of the more challenging components to this project was the quiz that was included on the home page of the website by Numu Consulting. Their goal here was to create a more engaging customer contact point that would both help with lead generation but also prove useful to the end user by pointing them to the right direction in the services listing. We crafted this from pure JavaScript to maintain simplicity and make sure it can be edited further down the road by Numu Consulting. This will ensure they remain agile in their approach to customer engagement.

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Numu Consulting Website by Arias & Thompson, a digital consultancy based in Tallinn, Estonia specializing in web design, web development, SEO review, digital photography and much more

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