New Discounts Offered for Manchester Small Businesses

March 31, 2018

Ian Philip Thompson

Ian is the founder of Arias & Thompson Digital, an Estonian eResident, and a frontend developer.

To celebrate our current residence in Manchester, Arias & Thompson are offering small businesses based in the Greater Manchester area discounted rates on several of our digital support services.

Why Discounts for Manchester Small Businesses?

We have worked with clients across the world including Canada, Qatar, Estonia and the UK, however we want to give something back to the city where we currently call home. This means providing support to businesses in our own backyard. In turn, it will help us grow our network and continue to increase our services in the long term. We are hoping that through this program we can make long term connections and partnerships that outlast our current residency.

Discounts on Offer

We are happy to announce the following discounted rates for small businesses in the Greater Manchester area:

  • 10% off our hourly rate
  • 15% off our daily rate
  • 10% off any hosting package
  • 10% off any web development or design project

What Do I Have to Do to Qualify for a Small Business Discount?

Your business must be registered in the Greater Manchester area and have less than 50 employees. That’s really about it. We are hoping to fill gaps in digital expertise for small businesses so they can concentrate on their business, not their website or social media.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in any of these discounts or, just want to have a chat, get in touch with us via our contact page or read more on the discounts on offer for Manchester-based small businesses.