At Arias & Thompson we take your privacy seriously.

What We Track

Let’s make this simple, we track only the information that is necessary to gather anonymized statistics of who is using our website. This means we use Google Analytics to tell us, generally, who is visiting, what are they looking at, and what we can do to improve the experience.

What Do We Do With Your Data

Nothing besides internal reporting. We do not sell or give any data to any 3rd parties, nor do we hold any of your data.

Consent and Withdrawal of Consent

All of the data we collect is done via cookies. We keep these to an absolute minimum, however they are necessary for some parts of our site to function properly. If you wish to block any of them, please see this guide on how to block any cookies in Chrome.

Data Controller and Contact

If you wish to contact Arias & Thompson regarding any data we may hold or how we process data, please contact Ian Philip Thompson,