Ar-T Digital Collaborates with I Ponti Marketing & Communications

February 4, 2018


Ian is the founder of Arias & Thompson Digital, an Estonian eResident, and a frontend developer.

Arias & Thompson Digital has been providing digital and web support to clients in the Qatar market since 2013. Moving forward, we will continue to partner with I Ponti to extend are service offerings into 2018.

I Ponti is a full service marketing and communications agency based in Doha, Qatar. The independent agency has been providing personalised support to both small and large clients since 2011.

We are looking forward to serving as the digital arm for I Ponti by providing standards-compliant, modern web design and development.

Previous Digital Projects in Doha

Ar-T Digital has worked with I Ponti to provide digital solutions to a number of clients in the past. These include the web design and development of sites such as Dr. Kaldariā€™s Surgi-Art Centre and the provision of a full digital support package with the University of Calgary in Qatar.

Ar-T Digital has also worked with I Ponti to redesign and develop their new website that will be going live in the first quarter of 2018.