Looking back at 2017

Blog Post by Arias & Thompson Digital founder, Ian Philip Thompson

January 28, 2018


Ian is the founder of Arias & Thompson Digital, an Estonian eResident, and a frontend developer.

2017 was a lively year at Arias & Thompson. We worked on an unprecedented number of projects, changed our location from Qatar to Manchester, and one of us has even gone back to school. Here’s a recap of our year.

Retaining Relationships with Our Existing Clients

While we were resident in Qatar we had the opportunity to form long-standing relationships with our clients that continued throughout 2017. A big shout out to the Blue Pearl Experience who we will be working with again on another project along with our good friends at I Ponti Marketing & Communications. We have further grown our relationship with I Ponti and both of our agencies will be stronger for it.

New Clients and More Startups!

Working with startups is one of our favourite challenges at Arias & Thompson. We have been lucky enough this year to work on projects with Numu Consulting based out of Vernon, Canada, and the Relational Path Institute (RPI) who is truly a global client with activities ongoing in at least 7 countries. I think the plan is to add more shortly!

New Challenges and Initiatives

Moving into 2018, our principle Maria Paula Arias who began working on her PhD in Museology at the University of Manchester will be starting her own blog, ariasmariap.com where she will be focusing on giving a voice to social media and digital initiatives in the museums world. We wish her the best of luck!

For the rest of us, 2018 represents a watershed moment where we transition from a part time project to a full time commitment. You can read more about my decision to switch to running the independent agency, but needless to say it has so far proved to be a rewarding and challenging decision.

Upcoming Projects

We have a few projects in the pipeline but are currently looking for more! If you have a challenging website or digital initiative you want to get off the ground, contact us and let us know what you are thinking. The more challenging the better!

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