Arias & Thompson Goes Full Time

Blog Post by Arias & Thompson Digital founder, Ian Philip Thompson

January 28, 2018


Ian is the founder of Arias & Thompson Digital, an Estonian eResident, and a frontend developer.

For those of you who have followed us from the beginning, you will know that our priorities have been split between full time work responsibilities and complications with the engaging digital work we have been involved with here. Well, as of today, I will be officially making the change to running the independent agency full time and focussing on growing the company in the coming year.

The decision to go fully independent

This decision has not been taken lightly and has contributed to many sleepless nights in the midst of a cloud of anxiety. Making the decision to run your own company over the relative safety of working for a larger entity does not come lightly, especially when you are in a new market. Recently I have been working with another agency running their digital marketing efforts and managing their website and I came to a realization: why am I doing this for them when I could be doing this for my own agency?

This thought was my undoing. Although my month there was successful by the metrics, my full mental capacity was not committed to the work as half of my thoughts were with Arias & Thompson.

So I have made the switch and mentally, I am better for it.

Full court press on content and sales

I have never focused on sales at Arias & Thompson. Instead, our project intake process has largely been based on word of mouth recommendations or seizing opportunities when they have become available. This will be our first foray into actively generating sales leads and developing the relationships that allow the agency to continue to grow.

Shameless plug – you should let us know if you are looking for digital support.

Our commitment to the location-independent model

The future of online work has nothing to do with an office. With developments in technology and the ongoing push to globalization, presently there is the opportunity to find support that your company needs anywhere in the world. We are committed to seeing that vision through and providing a location-free service to small, medium and large businesses that require additional support for their in house teams (or where they are none existent).

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